Honey Nut Cheerios Spider-Man Homecoming Water Shooter "Review"

Come for the cholesterol-lowering power of a magic honeybee...

STAY for the free Spider-Man water shooter!
(Thwip + Squirt = Thwirt?)

Facts: The grocery stores in Astoria suck. They are so small that they rarely over-extend and get any any interesting limited-edition flavors. "MUST BE NICE!" I grumble, as I see all of your "MY LOCAL STORE HAD PUMPKIN FLAVORED PREPARATION-H!!!!"

Pause here to consider the ramification if Pumpkin Preparation-H was real.

So, when I see a promotional box of anything, I get extra excited. And when it's Spider-Man themed, I get extra extra* excited, because he's my favorite superhero. Don't @ me.

*Did you read that and think of the Extra Hollywood jingle? I DID!

Seems simple enough... but I've run out of H-20, so had to head back to the store.

I like how the illustration show you making "Thwip-fingers", but then using a second hand to activate the action. Still, this is the closest I'll ever get to being Spider-Man*, so I'll take what I can get.

*My doctor says that I have to stop letting radioactive spiders bite me, because their venom is elevating my cholesterol.

Many people think that the quote is "With great power comes great responsibility". This has, for years, been a misquote. The line, as originally written by Stan Lee was "All Rights Reserved, Made In China"!

And just to head off the letters: YES, nerds, I know the real line is "With great power THERE MUST ALSO COME great responsibility". At ease.

I have to admit, this looks great. I'd wear it all the time, if I were a kid. You might ask: "Why not wear it all the time, anyway, nerd?!" Well....


(With great wrists must also come great amounts of hair.)

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for:

Take THAT, fridge door!!

Not since the "Diving Tony the Tigers" that my next door neighbor would throw over the fence to me, as a child, have I loved a toy premium this much. I have spent the last several days surprising my wife by jumping around a corner and shouting "THWIP THWIP THWIP" and dousing her with it. She takes it with good humor, because she is the Mary Jane to my Peter Parker.

Yes, this cereal toy premium even makes grownups realize how much they love each other. A Diving Tony Tiger never did that.

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