Halloween Crane Game!

I probably told you before, but my neighborhood really goes "all in" for Halloween. Most of the stores along the major road "do it up" with decorations and get into the spirit. A perfect example of this, I feel, is this grotty old Treasure Chest crane game that sits outside of a run-down lotto store, next to a Quarter Horse (a horse your child can ride for a quarter).

It's covered in graffiti and has definitely been urinated on more than once. But whenever I pass it, I always take a peek inside. It's usually filled with grimy stuffed animals, they type you'd normally find at Goodwill. "Previously Loved" might be the perfect way to describe them. But REALLY think about that phrase, because I mean it in every possibly definition that you can think of.

I would never normally play this crane game, because I wouldn't want to bring home anything that was trapped inside of it. But today, as my beautiful wife and I were passing by (having just run to the local Bagelry to pick up a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese on it - FALL IS HERE!), I peeked past the CAKE graffiti to see this:

The usual selection of unappealing stuffed animals has been replaced with a cadre of Halloween-specific toys! Amazingly generic Halloween toys, that look like they may have been hand-sewn by the crane game owner, himself!

Monkey-Wolf Zombie!

Nauseated Ghost With Upside-Down Moustache!
Alternate Name: Boo-Belly Sneech Ghost!

Frankenstein's Bear (with poorly-applied lipstick)!

Sarcastic Pumpkin Bear!

Green Devil "Heathcliff" Bat!

Red Cyclops and Black Winged Cat!

IF I was ever going to play this outdoor money waster and overcome my fear that the prize would be full of bedbugs, then these Halloween goodies would have been the thing to make that happen. However, luckily, all I had on me was a $5 bill and, with no expectation that this machine would give me change instead of playing five times to win something that probably has a rat hiding inside it, I decided to skip it this time.

Either the best or worst choice I've ever made.

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