Holy Crow!

Holy Crow! They still make Five Alive?
I didn’t buy any, today, when I saw it lurking in the frozen aisle, but it sure brought back memories: Memories of drinking it from juice boxes in grade school … then inflating the empty cartons with the straw (making sure to pop the glue at the corners so more air could fit in), and then stomping on them, so they popped. (Though, more often they’d just spray one of us with the remaining juice residue with a “pfffffff!”)
This is exactly what my mom had in mind when she bought them for us.
And the only reason we got them was because they were the “healthy option”. (We were not allowed Kool-Aid, Capri Sun, or HI-C, so we had to pretend that this was something that tasted just as good….)
I guess, in some way they were “healthy”, as we got our exercise form jumping on them. My mom is vindicated!
…except that: According to the in-depth research I did (Googling) the ingredients list seems to be, in order: 
Pure filtered water, sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup, sugar), concentrated orange and lemon juices, orange pulp, natural flavors, concentrated grapefruit, tangerine and lime juices.
Though, back then (the 80s) they were simpler times, where we believe the label when it said “ALL NATURAL”.
Further: I cannot find any proof that Five Alive is still distributed in the US. So that can of concentrated fruit juice I found in the market now becomes a mysterious, possibly old can of Five Alive. Now I have to go back and buy it for further review. So look forward to THAT!